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Welcome to  Baltimore City Public Schools

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About City Schools

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

Head of the Department:

  • J. Keith Scroggins

Sub Departments: 

  • Department of Facilities
  • School Transportation
  • Facilities Maintenance and Inspections
  • Facilities Design and School Construction
  • Planning Department
  • Nutrition Services
  • Health and Safety

Sub Department Directors:

  • Executive Director of Facilities-Blaine Lipski
  • School Transportation Director-Avon Mackel
  • Facilities Maintenance and Inspections Director-Jerry Watkins
  • Facilities Design and School Construction Director- Lawrence Flynn
  • Planning Department Director- Robin Allen
  • Director of Nutrition Services-Anthony Geraci
  • Director of Health and Safety-Alice Watson

Mission Statement:

The division’s mission is to meet the needs of its various customers and to deliver general support services in accordance with each unit’s area of responsibility.  The goal for the Chief Operating Office is to provide a clean, orderly, safe, cost-effective and instructionally supportive school environment that contributes to the City Schools mission of education for our children to meet the intellectual and physical demands of the 21st century.

What We Do:

The Chief Operating Office oversees integral areas within City Schools. Those areas include COO Administration, Health and Safety, Facilities and Maintenance, Capital Design and Construction, Student Transportation, Food & Nutrition Services, Mail Services, and Real Estate and Permits.

Contact Information:

200 E. North Avenue
Room 409
Baltimore, MD 21202

Phone Numbers:

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